speshial (speshial) wrote in the_poo_corner,

The poo and the Fart a story by me

once upon a time.. in a far away land....

there was a poo...that missed its fart. it cried nightly, for it's long lost fart. It drowned itself in poo misery and lost its sweet poo smell. everyone asked the poo what was wrong and it could only weep as it wished for the day that it's gascious fume would return. Not only to fufill who the essence of the poo truly was, but to fill the air with a sweeping musical joy.

One day the poo heard a distant roar in the night....

it slopped its way up from the sewers, up through the winding sewage pipes, and floated on the surface of the toilet water. It felt the swell in its little poo heart that all poo's feel when they first hear their very first fart. There it was...the same smell, the same vision it had once known, it's fart. It did the back stroke as the fart revisited over and over that night. The beautiful friends bonded and the poot poot's of the fart were heard from far away rooms.

There the two were swam in heavenly bliss that night.
The poo and the fart. Forever. Amen.

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