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this page gets no love...

i am gonna start school today (it is 12:25 as of now) i am glad that i will get a chnace to see all my friends. i have 6 periods compaired to last year when i only had 3. well 4 but i always got to go home during that period bc the teacher liked me and i liked him back and he was just a super nice guy.
well these are my classes for all of you to see:
1. t.a.
2. poetry
3. econ
4. journalism
5. gov.
6. yearbook
i am sure you are all asking (if you know how the deal with gov and econ go) why i have them at the same time...well i have em at the same time bc i will be able to grad at the samester if i want. i have a ton of extra credits and i have the choice. i think i am gonna stay the whole year bc this is the last year and i will really miss my friends bc i know that i will be thinking about what they are doing. and i will be sad bc i will be working and they will be at school doing fun stuff...
***you have a mariah carey nipple that likes to sing in the shower -austin*** dances and rallies and all that gay high school junk.

aus has an obsesion with my we are speaking (typing) he is messing with them in many ways lol...he is amused and bc he is i am too!

but as i was saying...i have school and i hope that i like it. i hope i can get along with my teachers and that they like me too. but i need to get to bed and make myself sleep. i am so use to my odd sleeping habbits. later to ya all.
hello kitty your hair is hot hot hot! i know that you cut it a while ago but you have hot hair.
~sam Xo
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aww thanks sam!!! that comment like made my shitty day good :) :) iwanna see how your hair is now??
it is all over and grose...i will have sr pix back soon i am guessing so i will post a pic when i get em back. and your welcom for making you feel better lol...
and who mite you be?
you sure did post on an old ass post!
hope you can tell me what your 'poo-poo poo-poo' mean!
Boredom at school.