Jody (fuckjody) wrote in the_poo_corner,

eww no one wants to hear about anyones poo stories. This community REALLY DID become the reject community!! Its funni to laugh at all the losers besides kristyna,kristie and sam of course! K&J's creation is a failure. =(
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I REFUSE!!!!!!!!!

ps mitchell says you*re cute&sexy :)
& thanks for saying he*s cute & that he can sing.
Yes but these people are odd. They are like "I am pooing weird.. my poo looks like pencils and it is this color. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??" hahah it would be funnier if they made like poems about poo or something that isnt nasty. We need funny poo stories. Like "once upon a time.. I threw some poo at a boy named bobert." lololololololololoooooooooooool remeber bobert??

pps: awwwwwwwww he is soooooooooo sweet, I am flattered. I thought he thought I was a lil odd cause remeber that night it was cold and I was cuddling up on you cause I wanted body heat. I wanted him to cuddle me on the other side and I think I confused him or he thought I was weird. lolol I like him. He is cool. Kute boys make me want to be single.. its bad. I dont like admitting it. It makes me wonder if I am even ready for all this seriousness w/ Jeremy especially when he thinks talkin to his ex is okay grrr. SORRI FOR MY BIG LIFE STORY KRISTIE luv you. We should hang out yo.